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Work, Life Balance

It is well reported and very well known that entrepreneurs throw themselves in to their work to grow and develop their businesses. The responsibilities take their toll.

At times the entrepreneur may feel heavy with the burden and quite clearly not operate to their full potential as a result of tiredness, bluntness or just merely too much work and not enough life.

Passion and Focus

Sports people make good entrepreneurs

Why Do Successful Sports People Make Great Entrepreneurs?

There is a strong correlation between being a successful sportsperson and perhaps excelling in business.

There are some very common threads between the two;



Systems and Processes

Managing your Inbox

Email is one of the most commonly used methods of communication in business. Less intrusive than a phone call, more professional than a text, it’s both convenient and fast in equal measure.

 Email allows business owners to communicate with clients and prospective new customers, stay up to date with employees and set their agenda on the go.   


 Changing Times 

Will a Robot take your job in the next 10 years?

This is a great question and the answer is almost certainly, yes. And yes, in time, within the next 50 years!

The reason being that everything is becoming automated. ‘Big data’ is the term for information collection. The information is then being used by the computer.



 Business Setbacks

3 Ways to deal with business setbacks!

In business you are not immune to setbacks, nor of course failure, but let us hope that it is only a setback that occurs. If it is a deep seated event then that may lead to failure. However, how does one overcome these setbacks?














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