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Speculative fiction
Political, financial, crime thriller trilogy
written by Robert M Frith


An exceptional and unique new speculative fiction trilogy – within the political, financial, crime thriller genres. Each book will provide approximately 90,000 words, including author notes, terminology list and the factual setting, whether international, historical or financial to guide readers.
The trilogy – as outlined below – will centre on one character, Lisa Skarparis, an American journalist, single and mid-forties, who due to circumstance becomes embroiled in intrigue, deceit and dishonesty. She quickly finds she has the will, drive and motivation to establish the truth and to right the wrongdoings in the face of personal danger and the greed she witnesses.

1. The CryptoBankers – based around cryptocurrency
2. Dark Passports – based on offshore tax-free havens
3. TBA

After the first two, a third additional and somewhat Orwellian story outside of the trilogy will be released, called Waves of Realism. This is based on the findings of Nikolai Kondratieff who was shot by Stalin in 1938 for advocating that capitalism would not fail. He foresaw the economic future until the year 2000 and this unique book outlines the quest to establish his writings to reveal exactly what he predicted for the rest of the 21st century. This is a powerful, intriguing and revolutionary work.

All the books leave the reader with not only a sound, fast-paced and excellently constructed thriller storyline, but also most importantly the overarching questions surrounding the use and abuse of financial instruments within the world-wide economic climate. The depth of the author’s knowledge in this field is beyond question. The writing and stories are exceptional and tight. They are page turners as the independent endorsements confirm, below.



Synopsis Book One
The CryptoBankers

By creating a new currency, you can interfere in the worldwide financial markets.

The CryptoBankers are on a mission; who are they; and will they succeed?

The creation of a new currency is not deemed newsworthy until the deputy editor of London’s leading satirical publication Secret Spy goes missing. How is she linked and what has she uncovered while she was investigating this politically controversial and sensitive matter?

Can the magazine’s highly-respected editors find the truth behind her disappearance, the real story and all the wrongdoings before the global CryptoBankers plans are fulfilled and it is too late to save the United States economy from disaster?

The story moves from London, via Malta, Austria and Washington to establish the use and abuse of cryptocurrency while also establishing on a local basis, the culprit to what seems a domestic murder.

Beta Reader Endorsements; Book One

‘A hugely enjoyable, tension-filled and fast-paced romp, which cuts a swathe through the world of geopolitics and global finance. A world of deceit, lies and murder from the office floor to presidents. With a brilliant cast of renegades, reprobates, cartoonists, politicians, programmers and journalists into which steps amateur sleuth Lisa determined to not only solve murder but also to try to save the United States economy from destroying itself. A ‘must read’ slow burner of a book that strikes so many chords with the torrid and uncertain world in which we live. I really enjoyed the final third of the book. It was like a good firework display, which you don’t want to end. The pace and the twists leading to the denouement were exceptional. Well done, tight, polished, and set in the environment you know so well.’

‘A pacey thriller involving a classic whodunnit set against international financial intrigue. The reader is quickly drawn in and finds themselves hurtling to the final and excellent denouement. The characterisation is strong and I can easily see this book being transformed into a film, tv series, or a play, with great success.’

‘I mostly liked the plot and the contemporary subject content. Although I found the details in the first chapters to be complex and hard to get in to because of the number of characters and their roles. The later chapters were fast paced and towards the end, I was page turning to get to the denouement! Yes, I will recommend this read to other people to read. Overall, the best aspects for me were the plot and the way cryptocurrency, Malta, New York and London, were all woven into the plot. It was a great read!’


Synopsis Book Two
Dark Passports

The future tranquillity of a Caribbean island is under threat when a hurricane hits, and the ‘call for help’ to the outside world uncovers crime and corruption.

How can it recover its tranquillity and return to normal, what is normal?

Hurricane Orphelia hits Gregory Island with devastating loss of life and complete ruin across the rural farming community. Outside help is sought but the Governor opposes his son, the successor, as well as all the inhabitants’ calls for help. What is the real motivation and identity of the Governor, why is he so resistant?

The facade of inner tranquillity and peace on the island kept in the backwater of 21st century living is exposed with murder and corruption. Lisa Skarparis is inadvertently drawn into this sorry tale by falling in love with the British expert providing the quick and easy source of funds and finance facilitating the island’s recovery and restoration for its basic needs.

The local Council, the Governor and all those around him have different agendas for the future of the island and it is discovered a murder was committed immediately after the hurricane hit but by whom and why? Lisa is on a mission to discover the culprit and to right the wrongs which have beset the island while they find themselves selling the souls for money.

Unless strong government and protocol is exercised this is a story that can occur. Man’s greed and control needs to be kept in check; Dark Passports explores these weaknesses.


Beta Reader Endorsements; Book Two

I really enjoyed the book. I read it pretty much continually for three days. Being in the Caribbean is total escapism from our current woes and a good romping page turner of a thriller. The prose is clean and proficient, the dialogue nicely written, and the action and suspense expertly crafted. 


The main character, Lisa was the star of the show, and she continues to grow in each book. She is the reader’s eyes and ears in the story, as well as the one doing the thinking. Lisa also shone through as a fine example of what can be achieved through passion, courage and determination. Every paragraph is a roller coaster of sensory perception and her attention to the fabric of the setting is immaculate.


I enjoyed being totally wrong and fooled about the main troublemakers. The novel carries with it an undertow of dissatisfaction with the way that economic progress destroys our way of life and jeopardises the health of the planet. It models unsustainable growth that leads to a fall in standards of living for those people already endangered by a hazardous environment.


I can’t tell you how much I admire what the author has achieved and the progress that he continues to make. Keep at it.  My first and most important reaction when I read this was that Robert is on to something amazing with this one. I was not disappointed. The film will be very special!’



‘I really enjoyed this book. Fast paced, contemporary, full of suspense and with many unexpected twists. Lisa grows on you as a heroine, having seen her first in The CryptoBankers, her role in Dark Passports does not disappoint.


The key plot of economic greed and exploitation rang true and provided a credible backcloth for the ensuing drama. This was augmented and enhanced with the clever and fascinating sub-plot surrounding the Duke’s identity, which I thought was very clever indeed. The plot theme is very current and reflects several key moral questions society is grappling with, regarding: wealth; equality; and progress in human and environmental terms.


The pace of the book was excellent. It proved to be a page-turner, keeping the reader guessing as to who the guilty parties were up to the end. I can easily see this evolving to become a film or TV drama. I await the third book of this trilogy with excitement, although I don’t want Lisa to finish her travels and her travails!’



‘The book sets out an intriguing plot covering contemporary business matters and historical characters with startling claims of a potentially explosive nature. The idea, as far as I know, has never been written about before.  The business of passports of convenience that may inadvertently lead to everything plotted in this book is a tasty mixture and is poetically credible.

The mixture of good and bad guys, and the impossibility of guessing who was which until the latter stages kept me engaged in the story. I guessed wrongly on more than one occasion.   The island setting is bang on for the background to the novel.  The plot is strong, had pace and made for compulsive reading as it builds towards a dramatic finale.  As the plot unfolded it picked up tension. There were some shocking moments, I never thought Lisa’s ally would get


shot in such a brutal manner. The last 70 pages were page turners!  I thought Robert kept the plot focussed and intriguing throughout without giving any clues as to who would do what to whom until the last pages. Dark Passports is a pacey and thrilling read, with an intriguing plot. It is much more entertaining than many paperbacks and I very much enjoyed reading it.’


Synopsis of Additional Written Work, not part of the trilogy

If you can forecast the financial future, you have control…..

Waves of Realism     

…. gives you that domination …

Renner Howell struggling after the crash in 2008/9 discovers the findings of a brilliant Russian economist and she puts together a new movement to solve the world’s problems. Searching for a European presence, she joins forces with Tom Perryman a UK accountant. But, just as the movement starts to gain momentum they seem to be thwarted at every turn. They do not know who is meddling in their affairs or who is going to control the future. But even more importantly, what is the future?

This book starts in a prison cell in Suzdal, Russia 1938. It sets out that communism, capitalism and dictatorships fail society because of man’s self-interest and greed. Superiority and control can clearly be won by forecasting the future, financially. Waves of Realism is a financial political thriller, which asks the bold questions; From the 1920s to now has anything changed? Can anything change? There must be a better way?
The book is set in today’s financially uncertain context, where Western governments are struggling to sell capitalism to the next generation who have no capital. As a result, the youth have little or no investment in future society. They are being marginalized, as their hopes and aspirations for a better life disappear at every turn. This is due to the quickening pace of technological and social changes without the appropriate healthcare alongside. As a result, soon it will be beyond the reach of most people in the future to sustain a normal family home, existence and a happy life, as the physical and mental health of everyone deteriorates.
Waves of Realism offers a speculative fiction thriller and answer to all these questions, before society breaks down forever.

Beta Reader Endorsements; Additional Written Work

‘An ambitious and profoundly disturbing vision of our future, which is superbly dealt with in this fast-paced and exciting thriller. Frith deftly handles the complex political and economic consequences of global capitalism and consumerism, where the stakes are high. Extremely well plotted and crafted throughout, realistic and believable characters, with a nice twist at

the end, I was thoroughly absorbed and entertained by it. Certainly, a terrific book, I wouldn’t have any hesitation at all in recommending it to others to read and an incredible accomplishment by the first time fiction author tackling a complex subject in thriller mode.’


‘The book has a compelling and clear narrative addressing current world-wide social and political issues. It is hugely informative, interesting and very well-paced with frequent plot twists. You don’t have to be an expert to understand the macro-economics, which are well explained and mapped out in easy to read detail. Highly recommended.’


‘This book had a gripping plot and was well-paced throughout. The historical content gave the fiction validation. It had an interesting subject matter and an absorbing theme, which linked Russian economist, Kondratieff’s theories to contemporary life. The book contained a very different approach, with a last page twist in the tail. I can see a film director and scriptwriter making a good movie from it.’


‘I have just finished this incredible book and I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter. It was thought provoking and an incredible insight into the painful past, distorted present and dystopian future. Deep and disturbing at times but gripping and almost surreal and prophetic at others; Robert’s grasp on the world of politics, history and socio-economics wrapped up into a fast moving thriller makes this both an enthralling and educational insight into the world behind the curtains in the East and the West. Looking forward to the movie.’





Book Three of the trilogy is in development

Title – TBA

(Expected through 2021)

















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