This is probably the best entrepreneurs book I have ever read and I have read most of them over the years.

If you are an entrepreneur you will smile and agree with the insights and anecdotes and take comfort and validation from the surveys of what you and your peers do and how you behave.

If you are a wannabe entrepreneur or a business student, there is nothing better in helping you understand what it actually means to be a successful entrepreneur. The book with help you understand that its more than just process and a business plan, its about belief, passion and determination.

Well done Robert for a riveting read.

Frank Joshi

Brilliant! Refreshing, clear, really really well structured and full of practical advice. But more than that it makes you stop, question and analyse the things you are doing and how you are doing them. It makes you focus, refocus and consider the gaps you need to plug. Whether you’re considering starting a new venture or if you are already well on your way to building the dream – this is a really useful book and an essential part of your tool kit.

Easy to read, easy to follow and an all round great read.

Malcolm David Davidson

After 23 years through 2 recessions I fully agree with the findings and sentiments.

Well written and very readable.

I think this book will be very popular with Business students ; strongly recommended.

Mr CMJ Mason











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