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Dystopia and black comedy. Radically questioning the new world order. Taking a sideways perspective of government control and their sinister agendas. 


   Robert Frith is a full member of the Crime Writers Associationimage001.jpg

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A Digital Tomato by Robert Frith

‘The same problems of disenfranchisement and exclusion will continue with youngsters, unless we change the rules of engagement.’ 


A Digital Tomato



Meet Henrietta, 25-years-old, from a once-infamous family…

At first glance, she appears to be your average young British person – hooked on the online world, struggling with identity issues, facing a housing crisis, and navigating a dangerous world of toxic authority. 

Except, she’s also maybe a murderer with a love of pseudonyms, Roy Orbison, and different coloured hair… and very probably a sociopath… and very definitely a genius-level gamer, hacker and holder of often provocative opinions, who’s busily ripping off thousands of people with her devious video game.

*** New Release 2024 ***
Charlie Porridge by Robert Frith

Is the cure for Covid19 worse than the disease?

Charlie Porridge

In 2020 there was a global pandemic of a disease of the respiratory system. It was named covid19 by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It spread quickly and Governments reacted in a bid to reduce deaths and undue suffering throughout society. An overriding drive for each country was to protect their individual health care systems from overloading and becoming unworkable and inoperative in the face of this outbreak. Many believe the cure for this pandemic will turn out to be worse than the actual disease, itself. This is a story of how one whistle blower tries to make those in power aware of the consequences of their actions whether intended or unintended. She takes on the establishment and governments to alert the wider unsuspecting audience. She discovers they are backed by billionaires with sinister, disquieting if not evil agendas. Her progress against the order and ruling classes is to behold. She needs bravery, great courage and determination and so much more than just good fortune. Her journey crosses many paths. The end is not as you may expect nor envisage. Is there a pandemic and is it all it seems? Is the response proportionate and what is behind such overt Government control? History tells us there is a tipping point when good people react to the establishment? There are many questions asked. Does the whistle blower find the answers?

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