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A key pivot and driver to your own tailored courses will be drilling down into and the understanding of your problems... order to unblock your obstacles and your team's objections.
Learn the fun way

Robert is straightforward, easy to understand, quick witted and shows empathy with all attendees. Taking individuals along with the group, to make the team extremely effective is a skill you will see in action.

bespoke courses to coach and train your staff
Growing your practice organically
Growing your practice organically every year

Frith and co grew every year for 25 years through tried and tested methods of networking. Robert will show you how to do this, to differentiate your practice and win the trust of your current clients, so that recommendation becomes the norm! There
is a business network out there. 

This course enables you to find it. Suitable for firms that feel they are not getting their message across and that growth has faltered. 

Price determinate on involvement, time spent, the location and numbers engaged. The course takes a number of sessions over elapsed time for the participants to receive  the full and successful effect.


partner mentoring
Partner mentoring

Some partners may be struggling with poor delegation, not seeing the strategy and not getting the firm’s name in to the community. They need to develop an entrepreneurial nature to match their clients and win their trust.

Your firm needs your partners to be figures in the community and become the ‘go to’ person for accounting/tax or audit advice or another specialty. Suitable for firms who feel that they need to develop a culture which is marketing and sales led. For firms that feel their partners have not yet stepped up!

Price determinate on the programme on offer. Specific tailoring can be made to this programme after discussion with the senior or lead partner.

Follow up sessions available and highly recommended.


Basic Accountancy Course
Back to basics,
bridging the gap

These days; you take in students each year to do the work; clients send in memory sticks detailing the transactions for the year up to trial balance. Do the students know what they are looking at? This course deals with interpreting the trial balance, what it means. Revisits basic debits and credits; evaluates which accounts to reconcile; considers the power of year end journals and what they mean. The result will be that your students will work meaningful examples and be able to produce much better work and results after this course. There will be a better level of understanding of ‘double entry’ despite the new computer world ‘balancing’ everything for them. Interpretation of the balance sheet and the reality of the value of assets, including goodwill and the reality of the liabilities is the final session to put it all in perspective. This is a fun course, lasting a day. Price determinate on involvement, time spent, the location and numbers engaged.


Speaking Engagements

Robert can cover a number of subject being;

  • Entrepreneurs, given the successful publication of his book
  • Business and economics
  • Politics
  • Taxation, after 40 year career as an accountant
  • Philanthropy given his role as Chairman of a charity


Robert may seek expenses to be reimbursed if the event is outside of 30 miles from his base in Surrey, England


“Robert hosted some very well attended seminars, They were always full, extremely entertaining and very informative. Delivered to just the right level of layman to understand. Robert also wrote his own client help sheet on particular subjects. I believe he sent them to groups of clients that needed them. The help sheets became his brand.”

Ian L Business owner