Will a Robot take your job in the next 10 years?

This is a great question

This is a great question and the answer is almost certainly, yes. And yes, in time, within the next 50 years!

The reason being that everything is becoming automated. ‘Big data’ is the term for information collection. The information is then being used by the computer.

The result being that the data being collected is such that everything (almost everything) will have a series of industry information of ‘norms’ and ‘exceptions’. Most events will become a process and the answer will be determined by the information collected to receive a result produced by the robot, artificial intelligence or the computer as to where you fit in, within the terms of those exceptions or norms.

The most basic of jobs or roles are becoming functional. For example, banks now do not want branches, they want us all to bank on line. Business is becoming streamlined so that everything is system orientated and it is now a digital world. One can understand that processes have, are and will be dealt with more and more by computers. Those jobs are history.

It is the functions of ‘reason’, ‘thinking’ and ‘care’ which will shortly be overtaken by robots or artificial intelligence. Reason will be overtaken by the comments above as everything will fit a result and then be dictated by the answer that the result produces. Thinking will not exist. Care will be the last area that is carried out by process. Haircuts, dentists, eye tests will be subject to personal one on one care unless and until equipment gets produced where one can ‘self manage’ or ‘do it at home’. Entering a set of tests on the computer will dictate your needs.

The only jobs that will exist will be where intelligence is required. Experience will be given up to the computers and robots.

The digital age will be with us forever. Get with it and get a job in that industry. Become a robot!