Are entrepreneurs intelligent?

what is considered to be intelligence

It is considered normal for everyone aged between five and sixteen to receive a full time education. During that time, tests are taken to measure what is considered to be intelligence. The pass mark for any of these tests would be considered to be 50%. So is intelligence measure by such a low bar?

During a recent survey of successful entrepreneurs only 40% had degrees and even fewer such as 6% had gone further to obtain a Master’s qualifications. Given that university education and achieving degree level seems to be a much more normal way to end one’s schooling in the last 50 years, then again the percentage of entrepreneurs with degrees could be deemed lower than one would expect.

Given there has to be a mark differentiating a person obtaining an A grade compared to a B grade, then the accepted measurement for intelligence seems flawed, if not outdated.

When asked, 92% of entrepreneurs did not consider a formal education to be a pre requisite to a successful career.

Perhaps it could even be considered that a formal education constricts and goes a long way to holding back the natural flair for entrepreneurs especially if they go on to take professional qualifications which by their very nature associate themselves with many regulations, methods, high moral standards and bodies who oversee their qualified subjects.

We shall discuss various forms of intelligence in the next few insights, but please take time to think and consider the role of education in aiding, helping and developing business.