What makes up the ingredients to be a successful Entrepreneur?

There are many facets needed

Many observers would consider intelligence the most vital prerequisite for a successful entrepreneur.

Not so.

My book ‘Drive like a Real Entrepreneur’ proves this with its insights and survey results.

There are many facets needed, not least vision, perseverance and correct decision making.

However, the items below could be considered extremely necessary during the journey;


Discussed at length in my book. This relates primarily to the entrepreneur putting in the right resources and hours work in to fill a gap in the market-place.

Right time, right place

Essential to enter the market as it becomes available. Don’t offer holidays nor marketing services when a recession looms and discretionary expenditure is being cut back.

Look to supply essential services, whether professional or otherwise.

Review when and how entrepreneurs patented their ideas. (Refer April 2023 insight)

Top quality service levels

Every entrepreneur will always speak about the offering to their customers. It is a 2-way street and the customer will always enjoy, trust and respect the services and products on offer. If not, they would not engage, contract nor pay.

It is the successful entrepreneur who ensures this top quality is on offer and not available from a competitor. The very same product or service may be available from another supplier, but it is our successful entrepreneur who provides the cutting edge.