Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Noticing the consistent traits

We always see and observe very similar consistent traits with entrepreneurs.

Regularly, they;

  • Achieve.
  • Facilitate change.
  • Engage and motivate others.
  • Organise and evaluate.
  • Have strong personal presence.

It is quite clear when you deal with them that these entrepreneurs lead and can break down barriers. There is an inner confidence with them, which coupled with humility can be admired by all.

You will notice from time to time, they strive to develop themselves with research and training always attempting to overcome any shortcomings. Where they cannot achieve this, they will hire specific trusted advisors who they keep close. It is on these occasions you will see an inner circle form.

The most successful of this group of entrepreneurs will have clear vision and judgment which will be unique traits.

Vision allows them to look to the future marketplaces, where their own products or services will hope to take and increase market share. All of which will necessitate adaptation from time to time to keep up to date with current trends.

Judgement allows the entrepreneur to back their won feelings while keeping within budgets, using tried and tested suppliers who do not let them down.

Trust is an excellent quality you will see with entrepreneurs. Over time, they will keep using and listening to those professionals, the inner circle and/or personnel who serve them well.

Successful entrepreneurs may be tough and demanding and they always expect the trust to be returned, be awake and aware.