Entrepreneurs versus intrapreneurs

There's choppy seas ahead

The entrepreneur has to deal with almost everything that befalls them, as they start their business life and develop the entity which they found.

Of course, they can seek and receive professional advice on such matters as accounting, finance, licenses, leases and legal issues. They need to be ‘jack of all trades’ and ‘the master of their specific enterprise’. They hope to be successful and face all sorts of problems as they go forward.

In direct contrast, though, the intrapreneur who runs his own division within a larger organisation can concentrate on his own particular business activity while other matters such as;

  • Human Resources,
  • IT,
  • Accounting,
  • Legal,
  • And property matters,

can be dealt with by a central department and function within the larger conglomerate. Expertise can often be found and delivered by a simple email, without having to qualify the quality of advice and costs.

The intrapreneurs are sheltered and often, while they think and believe they can run their own business outside of the corporate blanket, they will generally flounder as the skill of dealing with these specific areas could be tricky and a new experience to him/her.

Equally the brand within which they operate may be so strong the intrapreneur only needs to turn up to take the order and sale.

One extremely important and critical issue for the entrepreneur is marketing his new enterprise. Differentiating your business from the competitors is vital.

All of the above, explains why many fail and the hardy and wise entrepreneurs succeed.

Think long and hard before you jump ship to sail your own vessel. Choppy seas are ahead.