‘You’ benefit where others don’t.

Many viewers and commentators will always comment that the successful entrepreneur is lucky. 96% did so in the survey which I conducted for my book. ‘Drive Like a Real Entreprenuer’

It could be said this statement is often tinged with a degree or touch of jealousy, such that is could be considered a slur, perhaps.

So what is luck? Can it be measured? Or is it just damn hard work. Analysts and sociologists state that luck can be quantified and labelled as being an ‘accumulative advantage’.

To achieve this it means, that you the entrepreneur, have put yourself in a position that others would not have done and as a result opportunities or advantages occur.

‘You’ benefit where others don’t. Let us review some examples.

‘You’ put yourself out and go to a drinks evening and networking event (when others don’t) and meet potential clients, or perhaps that one person that was looking for your services or a suitable company in which to invest. The meeting makes the difference. Have you been lucky?

‘You’ operate a dry cleaners located by a railway station, to achieve maximum footfall. You offer 5 shirts for the price of 4. Dropped off on a Monday or Tuesday for collection Thursday. You open early Monday and late on Thursday. You make it so easy for your customer. You thrive. Have you been lucky?

‘You’ offer your clients incentives which they appreciate and are worthwhile and valuable to them. Your turnover increases.

‘You’ are accumulating advantage. It is called LUCK.