Other intelligences

the moral high ground is a very attractive trait

As we discussed last month in 1993 Howard Gardner wrote – ‘in the heyday of psychometric and behaviourist eras, it was generally believed that intelligence was a single entity that was inherited.’

Understanding that this is a narrow way of looking at how entrepreneur’s operate, Gardner then came up with the analysis of other forms of intelligence. We discussed the two most important forms last month however there are other areas of intelligence such as;

Intrapersonal; the ability to understand oneself. Vital if you are to hire to cover your weaknesses.

Linguistic; critical to enable good written communications.

Spatial; this relates to enabling vision not only that of architectural ability.

Bodily-kinaesthetic; using one’s body in whole or in part.

Musical; obviously relating to the performing arts.

Then he came up with 4 more being; naturalistic, spiritual, existential and moral.

These intelligences are not necessarily for the entrepreneur other than where one can use your moral compass and always be seen to do the ‘right thing’ perhaps legally and yet outside of any formal legal agreement.

Successful entrepreneurs will be people who others wish to migrate towards.

The moral high ground is a very attractive trait.