New Entrepreneurs

Barriers to entry

As a result of rapidly changing times and of course, recessions, wars and supply chain difficulties new entrepreneurs emerge.

These entrepreneurs are using new tools particularly the internet and new tools and methods of delivery to you, the customer.

These days age, culture, social position nor other sections of society will never preclude anyone from becoming an entrepreneur. If you take time to consider and reflect on the examples below, the barriers to entry to create a business due to the internet has become far less complicated, easier and possibly the cheapest ever.

The capital required for stock, premises and staff is at an all-time minimum.

Stock or supplies can be sourced, just in time. Premises are not required as the manufacturer can distribute to the customer and staff are replaced by the systems and process now fully automated.

Internet businesses and technology is fundamentally changing the outlook of the entrepreneur. Unless they engage the systems, the media outlets and all the necessary and available facilities, they will fail. Failure arises because they are uncompetitive.

Take the high street restaurant and their booking system. Have you changed your plans because the simple act of booking a table and making a reservation has presented difficulties.

Take the holiday booking. When did you last use a travel agent. Direct price and flight comparisons are available and the choice is yours. You have the time and convenience to make these decisions at any time of day.

Take the local florist. The bouquets for any occasion are available to choose bespoke displays. All you have to do is pick it up or even choose an appropriate delivery time.

It is easier and easier for the consumer. Your job as an entrepreneur is to make it even easier!