Why do some businesses succeed……………..?

... and even get several lucky breaks

It is very apparent that some successful businesses get early and even several lucky breaks as they start out.
We can continually define luck, but it is generally recognised as being ‘good fortune beyond one’s control’.

The lucky breaks, if defined as such, can be;

  • Winning a relatively large and profitable contract to sustain the early years of a start-up,
  • A competitor failing not because of market pressures or drivers but with a beneficial knock on effect,
  • A key account supporting and underwriting a venture,
  • Favourable financial support,
  • Generous supplier or lease terms, enabling better profits and cash flows in the start-up years.

The entrepreneur should seize the day and/or the opportunity. The opportunist, optimist and realist will take any or all of these opportunities not just once but perhaps on a multiple of occasions. Many will look on and comment on the entrepreneur’s luck, however it is merely taking the open opportunity which presents itself. 96% of our survey on entrepreneurs had said they had received a form of luck. We read this as being just simply taking an opportunity and most importantly making it work for you.