Right time and right place

Wall Street. 1830

Right time and right place

Reviewing a detailed list of the 75 wealthiest people in history it is no accident that 14 were born in America between 1831 and 1840, coming of age in the 1860’s and 1870’s.

The railroads were being built. Wall Street emerged. The population in 1830 was 12.8 million to become 31.4 million in 1860 and rising to 76.1 million in 1900.

Manufacturing built a new economy and the burgeoning population a new marketplace.

It is hardly surprising that leading industrialists made their fortunes, born at the right time and in the right place.

This was repeated in silicon valley in California. Working back from 1975 – 8 wealthy ‘tech’ entrepreneurs were born between January 1953 and March 1956!

They were young enough to play and with and have no fear of this new concept of personal computing. Developing systems and software to sell to the world. These entrepreneurs were young and had no worries to pay the rent nor feed a family.

This luck by being in the right place and right time does not replace;

  •  vision,
  •  earnest endeavour,
  •  hard work and drive.

However, it can play a large part to making it mega rich. The marketplace yawns open.