Why Do Successful Sports People Make Great Entrepreneurs?

There are some very common threads

There is a strong correlation between being a successful sportsperson and perhaps excelling in business.

There are some very common threads between the two;


To be good in business one needs to dedicate an extremely large amount of time to the operation. Learning the skills to source product, operate or manufacture and of course to sell and market the goods, once produced. Administration follows. Sport has the same requirements in respect of time. It is well known that unless by the age of 20 years old 10,000 hours have not been spent honing the skills then you will not be a world champion. Who has the time to do this these days, only a few, but that marks them out as being totally and utterly dedicated.


Risk taking is not a natural phenomenon for a successful entrepreneur. Nor is it the same for a successful sportsman. To get to the top in either discipline it requires the need to cut out risks. To only follow those risks or ventures that one could say is risk free. Those that get to the top in sport have analysed their discipline and cut out the risks. You cannot score runs by being in the pavilion watching, you have to be in the middle batting. Thereby you eliminate the ways to be dismissed. Hit the ball on the ground, cover your stumps, only run safe runs. The same is said for businessmen, you do not invest or follow hair-brained schemes.


Sports people may have a natural flair or gift for their sport but they continue to be coached. Even the world number 1 ranked player needs to continue to listen to advice. They need to practice daily if not hourly and always strengthen and keep on top of their game and skills. Enhancing the skills by being even quicker, stronger and smarter reflexes will enable them to keep their rank.

To be successful in business you must also learn new skills, understand innovation in the marketplace and it is not so much training that is required but keeping up to date with advancements.

All of the above are fun to do and show the strong correlation between sport and business.

Enjoy the sport and your business ventures.